HiWT: The Key to Superior Sound

Surround Sound has changed the way we listen to music, watch television or enjoy a film in a theatrical environment. But to create clean surround sound takes a great deal of skill as well as the right tools. Have iLok Will Travel has the tools and professional experience to bring true discrete 5.1 sound to your project. We offer custom surround sound effects recording and as well as specialized stereo-to-5.1 conversion for your sound track with the latest PenteoSurround technology.

Upmixing Stereo Soundtracks into 5.1

In the case of music, many composers are now mixing their score in 5.1, that is IF they have the time and budget. For the composer who has neither, there is another solution: up-mixing stereo music to 5.1 using the PenteoSurround process. HiWT is one of the only post-production houses in the world to offer this specialized and ground-breaking process. In fact, HiWT offers the same PenteoSurround services as some of Hollywood's heavy-hitters, including Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and Todd-AO. HiWT's upmix solution offers an easy and affordable alternative to the expensive studio system while offering the same great results.

Tamara Johnson Discusses PenteoSurroundHiWT's Tamara Johnson describes the power of the PenteoSurround process in this video interview with our friends at GearWire.com.

HiWT uses the convenience and security of cloud computing to allow our clients to upload their tracks to our secure servers. We then process their audio content, output it to the desired format, and make the final files available whereupon the composer or producer can download and drop them into their project.

And for producers working with a sound track that includes both 5.1 original score and stereo 'legacy' recordings, HiWT can use PenteoSurround to upmix the stereo tracks into 5.1 surround, assuring a consistency in the sound track.

5.1 Surround Sound Effects

Have iLok Will Travel holds a substantial library of 5.1 sound effects. We offer you the use of clips in our existing library, or we can provide you with custom recordings. With over 25 years of professional sound experience for Hollywood films and top TV shows, HiWT can help bring the sound of your project to life. Whether it's a Times Square crowd counting down the seconds on New Year's Eve or an intimate family picnic in the park, we will make sure you have the perfect audio tracks to match your scene.

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